Few Simple Ingredients

Sunday, May 21, 2006

About Few Simple Ingredients

Few Simple Ingredients is the collection of my vegan recipes: a mix of my old-time favourite and fresh veggie concoctions made to fit my vegan tastebuds, ranging from elementary simple to a sophisticated dishes. As for the last few years, I tend to keep it local, in season (an environmental friendly measure) and on the lean side, with a few golden rules...

You will not see me using golden syrup, liquid smoke or cooking spray(aren't these sprays containing pressurized gases damaging the ozone layer anyway?): I do not really know what they are and they are not readily available to me at this point.
Also, you will not find waffles, cupcakes, frosting or pancakes recipes: I am a born and raised European, who had the luck of living in different areas of the world and travel a more than fair share. These foods though are not part of my own European tradition nor it would be honest to pretend I am totally sure how a pancake must taste like, let alone a vegan version. Plus, there are so many other blogs and websites featuring great recipes for these dishes.
To be totally honest, I am quite suspicious of ingredients I am not already familiar with and I like to keep it Euro bound as well: I am pretty aware of our own (often super strict) food regulations and those guarantee me a certain degree of safety regarding what I put in my mouth (no Genetically Modified Foods, ever!).

No, my focus is another: to keep the shopping list VERY short (a vegan maionnaise with 17 ingredients? No thanks! I hate those recipes asking for 10 or more ingredients: they are not really worth my time I think), on the cheap side, starting from my own food tradition and to create all my recipes from scratches.
The occasional ready-made vegan pate brisee, French Dijon mustard or natural almond flavour may appear, but no vegan pumpkin pie mix (for me these are North American ingredients I am really not familiar with), no pre-made self raising flours, no frozen concentrate juice(?), no modifications of already exhisting packaged vegan meals.
As by my family lesson, I buy my fruit and veggies fresh (but some tins of legumes), never frozen, together with very simple things: flour, sugar, rice...
Few simple ingredients, really...

About to start!